Echoes of Christmas

It is with heavy hearts that we have suspended Echoes of Christmas for the 2015 season.

About Echoes of Christmas

Echoes of Christmas made its debut in 2008 and was very well received. The event is an annual gift to the community. The performance is suitable for families, youth groups, civic groups, church groups, and other interested persons. This outdoor event features 7 performances with the Nativity as the main theme. The performances include a solitary shepherd boy; shepherds watching their flock; a high priest at the temple; wise men from the East; an Inn keeper and his wife; Mary and Joseph; and hosts of angels. Guests rotate from one musical presentation to the next led by shepherds guides. The event is produced by Virginia & Bob Baird with original music by Clive Romney and orchestration by Larry Bastian. This non-denominational, inter-faith event has become an annual favorite for the entire community.


Echoes of Christmas is at Liberty Park. Enter on 900 South at 600 East. Park near the tennis courts. You will be guided through 7 scenes by a shepard. Every 5 minutes a new group will leave. First group starts at 7 and goes til 9 pm.


Additional Information

There are propane heaters providing some heat at each station. Audience will walk to each of the seven stations (about 1,000 yards) along cement and/or plywood walkways. Each of the seven stations has live performers representing different aspects of the nativity. The performers will sing to their own voices pre-recorded to the original music. Each station's performance lasts apx. 2-3 minutes before your group is ushered to the next performance. The event takes approximately 30-40 minutes to walk through each of the seven stations which makes it enjoyable for even the very young guests. Past seasons saw the longest wait to get into a group to be 30 - 45 minutes while average wait times were only a few minutes. The last group usually goes through apx 8:45 pm each night finishing at 9:30pm. There is a dress rehearsal open to the public on the night before the opening performance.